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J&J Printer and Plotter Repair is a family-owned field service repair business that sets up, maintains, and repairs printers, plotters, copiers, fax machines and other thermal and point-of-sale-type office printing equipment. We generally perform these functions on-site at the equipment's location.

When a customer experiences an equipment problem, a technician is dispatched to the location the same day. They'll assess and repair, or order parts as necessary to complete the equipment repair upon return to the site.

Nearly every business in existence has one or more types of the above equipment, and some of these repairs require a very high level of skill and ability. We provide this service in general office environments, home offices, medical facilities, schools, accounting, and legal offices, government facilities, hotels, and other locations.

This business serves Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts and is a small family-run operation. Our overhead is low which keeps prices very competitive.

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