About Us

J&J Printer and Plotter Service

J&J Printer and Plotter Service performs maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of printing and copying equipment across two main categories.

Home and office printers, copiers and multi-function (all-in-one) machines. These machines are maintained and repaired by periodic cleaning and routine maintenance and replacement of parts such as pickup rollers, separation pads, imaging drums, and fuser assemblies. If your printer or copier is jamming, not working properly or shows an error code, we diagnose the problem, provide an estimate and perform the repair. Most common parts are kept in stock so turn around time is minimal.

We also specialize in wide format equipment including Designjet plotters, wide format copiers and other equipment used by designers, architects and construction companies. Most large manufacturers of this equipment provide support and repair for a limited time after purchase so we stock and refurbish many of the common parts and assemblies needed to keep this equipment in service. We stock service stations, carriage belts and tensioners, printheads, power supplies, and electronics modules. This can extend the useful life of your equipment for several additional years.